• May 23, 2024

New KT&G CEO Engages Employees

 New KT&G CEO Engages Employees
On the April 17, KT&G President Bang Kyung-Man (third from the left) held a casual meeting with employees to kickstart his focus on communication management. (Photo: KT&G)

Three weeks after his inauguration, KT&G’s newly appointed president, Bang Kyung-man, engaged in a casual meetings with employees to demonstrate his commitment to robust communication.

The event was held on the 20th floor of KT&G’s Seoul headquarters, and attended by about 20 employees from various jobs and ranks.

Bang shared his personal growth story, from joining KT&G as a new recruit in 1998 to taking on the role of CEO 27 years later. In addition to sharing his insights as a company senior, he sought employees’ opinions on the company’s mid- to long-term vision and growth strategies.

Following his appointment as CEO on March 28, Bang immediately visited KT&G’s Chungnam Headquarters and Seo Daejeon Branch, emphasizing communication with the sales team on the ground.

“This event was organized to reflect the management’s desire to communicate freely with team members, breaking away from traditional formats and fostering consensus on the company’s vision,” KT&G wrote on its website. “We will continue to promote a culture of bidirectional communication among staff to develop a more horizontal and flexible organizational culture.”