• May 23, 2024

Lawmakers Urged to Close ‘Loopholes’ in Disposables Ban

 Lawmakers Urged to Close ‘Loopholes’ in Disposables Ban
Image: Cybrain

Activists are urging U.K. lawmakers to close “loopholes” in the ban on disposable vapes that is set to take effect next April, reports the BBC.

In anticipation of the measure, manufacturers such as Elfbar and Lost Mary have been launching reusable versions of their popular disposable vapes.

“We are continuing to diversify our product lines by providing viable alternatives to single-use devices, addressing the demand for a harm reduction tool that is helping to assist millions of adults [to quit smoking],” an Elfbar spokesman was quoted as saying. 

The reusable versions differ from their disposable counterparts primarily in that nicotine liquid comes in a replaceable pod, and a USB port at the bottom allows the battery to be recharged. It means the body of the vape can be reused.

Critics contend that the new vapes will not deliver the environmental benefits envisioned by the ban. “This switch may have negligible environmental impact as these are still items which are low priced and easy to throw away,” said Scott Butler, executive director of Material Focus, a non-profit organization set up tackle electrical waste.

A spokesman for the Local Government Association, which was one of the leading voices calling for the ban said the addition of a USB port to disposable vapes amounted to an attempt to bypass the restrictions, and called on lawmakers to define “disposable” in a way that would prevent producers from exploiting loopholes

In a filing with Companies House, the U.K. registrar of businesses, Elf Bar and Lost Mary distributor Green Fun Alliance noted that the disposable vape ban would have a detrimental effect on sales and profitability.

“However, management have been preparing for this and are well equipped to pivot their business to the exclusive sale of non-disposable vapes and related products,” the company wrote.