• May 23, 2024

Malawi Growers Urged to Tap into China

 Malawi Growers Urged to Tap into China
Photo: Taco Tuinstra

Malawi authorities are urging farmers to tap into the Chinese tobacco and soybeans markets, reports Xinhua.

During the Agriculture Investment Conference on April 19 in Lilongwe, Alfred Mwenifumbo, controller of agriculture, extension and technical services, said sales to China would boost foreign exchange earnings and strengthen the economy.

Dominated by smallholder growers, Malawi’s tobacco industry could benefit greatly from the Chinese market, Mwenifumbo said. He encouraged large-scale farmers to join the industry to improve the quality of Malawian tobacco and compete with other countries.

Mwenifumbo suggested that Malawi could increase its forex earnings by up to 30 times if more commercial farmers with large landholdings entered the industry and accessed the Chinese market, noting that existing investors are ready to support local farmers in expanding their operations to seize market opportunities.

The conference also discussed the investment potential in crops such as macadamia nuts, groundnuts, wheat and maize, highlighting their significant returns.

Tobacco Reporter highlighted Malawi’s efforts to diverse its economy in its June 2023 issue (see “Broadening the Base”).