• May 23, 2024

Industry Insists on Risk-Appropriate Warnings

 Industry Insists on Risk-Appropriate Warnings
Photo: lial88

The tobacco industry is asking the government of Kenya to distinguish between traditional cigarettes and tobacco-free alternatives, such as vapes and nicotine pouches, when crafting health warning labels, reports The Star.

Kenya’s health ministry is currently gathering public feedback on a proposal that would require cigarette manufacturers to print new graphic health warnings on packs of nicotine products. The consultation ends May 15.

The industry says that most of the proposed images do not correlate with the products for which they are proposed.

“We are looking at information that does not mislead the user, is factual and evidence-based,” said BAT Kenya’s scientific engagement manager, Douglas Weru, during a public participation workshop hosted by the Ministry of Health. “The message coming through from stakeholders in this public participation sessions, and which we agree with, is that the images should correlate to the risk associated with the product,” said  Weru.

The Retail Trade Association of Kenya (Retrak) said the proposed warnings require an amendment to the 2007 Tobacco Control Act, given that many of the new products were not widely available when the law was written.