• June 15, 2024

New Sampoerna Boss: Workforce has Value

 New Sampoerna Boss: Workforce has Value

Ivan Cahyadi (Photo: Sampoerna)

Ivan Cahyadi
(Photo: Sampoerna)

Ivan Cahyadi, the new president director of Sampoerna, emphasized the company’s commitment to human capital development during a May 14 media meeting reported by The Jakarta Post.

Celebrating its 111th anniversary, Sampoerna prioritizes human capital as crucial for business sustainability and societal well-being in Indonesia. Cahyadi, who began his career at Sampoerna in 1996, credits the company’s development programs for his rise to leadership. Sampoerna’s policy of job rotation and training across various departments enabled him to understand the business comprehensively.

Sampoerna’s human capital initiatives include job rotation, overseas assignments and training, fostering an inclusive environment irrespective of ethnic or cultural backgrounds, according to Cahyadi. This approach has positioned Indonesians among global scientists and experts in innovative tobacco products. The company also operates advanced laboratories in Karawang and Pasuruan, enhancing local talent’s potential.

Cahyadi highlighted Sampoerna’s support for traditional retailers through the Sampoerna Retail Community program, which aids 250,000 micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME), boosting their competitiveness and economic impact.

Additionally, the Sampoerna Entrepreneurship Training Center has trained over 72,000 MSME players in various business skills. Emphasizing gender balance, Ivan noted that women represent 46 percent of department heads. Sampoerna’s commitment to human capital aligns with its “Three Hands” philosophy, aiming to advance Indonesia collectively through sustainable business practices.