• July 24, 2024

Free Tracking for Small Cigar Shipments

 Free Tracking for Small Cigar Shipments
Photo: rh2010

Ecomo Impex is making its track-and-track system available, free of charge, to companies shipping up to 100 boxes of cigar products per year.

In May 2024, the European Union extended the scope of its Tobacco Product Directive to include tobacco products like cigars, cigarillos, pipe tobacco and smokeless tobacco products. Among other things, this implies that every producer, importer and retailer must comply with the labelling and tracking requirements of tobacco products sold within the EU.

“As track and trace becomes obligatory across the EU on May 20, 2024, small operators encounter technical hurdles and increased operational costs and we understand the challenge this means”, said Ecomo Impex Founder and Managing Director Hung Ma.

“We already have this system set up and would like to open it to all smaller-scale businesses, allowing them to enter the EU market with confidence and without fear of regulatory issues. Our commitment supports smaller-scale businesses, ensuring a wider variety of products available in the European market. If the quantity shipped exceeds over 100 boxes per year, we will charge our regular track-and-trace service fees,” added Hung Ma.

Ecomo Impex offers centralized coverage across the EU as well as overall assistance in import processes, product labelling, sales, distribution via EMCS, and brand building making it possible to tailor to the specific needs of any producer, brand owner or operator.

For details and registration visit www.trackandtraceforfree.com.