• July 24, 2024

Zimbabwe Cigar Tobacco Marketing Season Opens

 Zimbabwe Cigar Tobacco Marketing Season Opens
Image: Taco Tuinstra

Zimbabwe’s 2024 cigar tobacco marketing season opened in Manicaland with a high price of $7.05 per kilogram recorded on the first sale, according to The Herald. The crop is in its 10th year of production.

Growers have sold 5,200 kg of cigar tobacco worth $16,432 at an average price of $3.16 per kilogram, according to Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) statistics.

“Growers comprised 11 small-scale growers all doing half a hectare each and one commercial farmer doing four hectares. The highest price fetched was $7.05 per kilogram,” said Chelesani Tsarwe, TIMB public affairs officer. Sales took place at Mapeto Farm in Burma Valley in the Manicaland province.

“The first of the anticipated three sales saw 5,022 kg of the crop undergoing sale at an average price of $3.16 per kilogram. The crop was grown under contract with 14 small-scale farmers and one commercial grower,” said James Lindsay Guild, owner of Mapeto Farm. The crop was fermented at the farm for at least a year, according to Guild.

“The premium tobacco from the crop is destined for the American cigar market. The average yield is around 1,500 kg per hectare,” Guild said.

The small-scale farmers produced the crop under dryland, and the commercial farmer used irrigation.