• July 12, 2024

‘Boris Johnson’ to Keep Vaping Legislation on Agenda

Riot Labs delivers a replica of the former prime minister to get vaping legislation back on top of the new U.K. government’s in-tray.


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BAT Expanding in Serbia

The firm plans to increase its local production capacity by 20 percent, according to a company representative.

The Way Forward

How prioritizing evidence-based harm reduction strategies can improve healthcare, according to Kgosi Letlape

VLN Relaunch in Korea

A new agreement with Nico-Tech Korea follows a test launch last year that identified needed product updates.


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A Broader Approach

To lower the health and economic burden of smoking, lawmakers should incorporate tobacco harm reduction into their policies.

A Clean Sweep

At Cerdia’s filter colloquium, speakers detailed progress in reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

Bearing Fruit

Alliance One’s seed breeders in Brazil are boosting crop quality and yields while improving disease resistance and tolerance for extreme weather conditions.

Brand ‘Zambia’

Operating in the shadow of its tobacco powerhouse neighbor, Zimbabwe, Zambia is trying to make a name for itself on the global market.

Gaining Momentum

Cavendish Lloyd is eager to expand shisha tobacco production in Zimbabwe and elsewhere.

Puffs with Papers

U.S. states are passing vape product registry bills to compensate for meek federal enforcement.

Punching Above Its Weight

A small family business, LTL holds its own as a supplier of equipment to the global tobacco industry.

The Best of Both

Newly created Your Tobacco Link harnesses the strengths of JEB International and Tobacco Trading and Services.

Heated Breakthrough

Greentank is at the forefront of innovation with the launch of its patented Heating Chip technology.

Revenant Rule

Canada’s new health minister is breathing new life into a 2021 proposal to ban vape flavors nationwide.

Tobacco Reporter July 2024

For its July 2024 issue, Tobacco Reporter visited Bhutan to investigate that country’s tobacco ban and subsequent U-turn. What factors contributed to the Himalayan kingdom’s change of heart? And what lessons does its experience hold for other nations contemplating tobacco-free generations and “endgames?”

Tim Donahue examines the impact of vape product registry bills in the United States as states try to compensate for meek federal enforcement. George Gay reports from Zambia, which wants to step out of the shadow of its tobacco powerhouse neighbor, Zimbabwe, and make a name for itself on the global leaf market. Stefanie Rossel visited Cerdia’s filter colloquium.

Also in this issue: a report on Alliance One International’s seed industrialization unit in Brazil and a profile of Your Tobacco Link, a new leaf global merchant combining the strengths of JEB International and Tobacco Trading and Services.

Also in TR

The Wrong Answer

An e-cigarette ban would bring new public health concerns to Costa Rica, writes WVA Fellow Peter Clark.

A Case for Consensus

A global alignment on health policy is necessary to make a smokeless world a reality, writes James Murphy.

Unforeseen Costs

The recently announced Florida e-cigarette registry will harm nonvapers, writes WVA Fellow Peter Clark.

Food for Thought

Opponents of the U.K. generational tobacco ban gather at London’s Boisdale to voice their discontent.

The Takeaways

Tobacco harm reduction advocate Derek Yach reflects on the lessons from the recent Ecig Summit in Washington, DC.

Mastering the Maze

Toxicological considerations to be considered when bringing HTPs to market, according to Broughton.

The Great Scramble

Buyers have been paying record prices to secure their shares of Brazil’s smaller-than-expected tobacco crop.

A Perfect Storm

How India came to deny consumers legal access to safer ways of consuming nicotine.