Our Mission


Your Story, Our Business

Since 1874, Tobacco Reporter has been the global source for what is happening in the industry. We are proud to continue a 150-year tradition of excellence with the current, monthly Tobacco Reporter, recognized as the leading trade journal around the world. 
Our mission is to help readers succeed in their jobs by providing relevant, timely and accurate information. That entails more than simply reporting the news. When covering a story, we not only ask, “What happened?” but also, “How will it affect your business?”

Because global coverage requires global operations, we invest considerable resources in travel. Rather than relying on secondhand information, our editors visit your fields, factories and offices in person whenever possible.

Tobacco Reporter stories are thoroughly researched and fact-checked, and they contain insights that you won’t come across in competing publications.

Our skilled authors ensure that reading Tobacco Reporter is not only educational but also enjoyable, allowing us to offer you a truly unique experience in trade journalism.   

Tobacco Reporter: Your story, our business