Past Issues

TR October 2020

In its October issue, Tobacco Reporter portrays some of British American Tobacco’s leading female scientists. What drives them? Who are their role models? And what do they consider to be the greatest challenges working in tobacco and science?

While the portraits that emerge are as a diverse as the scientists themselves, they collectively demonstrate the tremendous contributions that women can make to an organization—and how much companies that resist their participation lose out.

Also in this issue: Alliance One’s efforts to keep its supply chain free of forced labor, SWM’s new hemp-based recon product and an analysis of the cigarette paper market.

TR September 2020

Tobacco Reporter’s September 2020 issue highlights the GTNF, which has moved online because of the enduring Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this year’s unprecedented environment, you can expect a first-rate event featuring an exceptional lineup of speakers and panelists, along with some innovative online features.

Also in this issue: the aftermath of last year’s EVALI crisis; a remarkable new technology to eliminate secondhand smoke; and an expert look at the requirements to keep your nicotine products on the U.S. markets after they have been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration.

TR August 2020

Tobacco Reporter’s August 2020 issue highlights the industry’s last-minute scramble to submit pre-market tobacco product applications to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ahead of the Sept. 9 deadline. What will the tobacco landscape look like after the due date? We examine the issue from a product viewpoint and a testing perspective.

The August issue further features the remarkably resilient cigar business, along with the roll-your-own and make-your-own segments, which serve as an important safety nets in times of economic headship.

Also in this issue: A profile of one of the industry’s leading data providers, Management Science Associates.

TR July 2020

Tobacco Reporter’s July 2020 issue profiles KT&G of South Korea, which operates in one of the world’s most sophisticated tobacco markets.

KT&G has traditionally kept a low profile, but it’s a world-class operation with grand ambitions that could very well become one of the world’s top four cigarette manufacturers within the next few years.

Also in this issue: how leaf manufacturers are rethinking their business in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, a look at the world’s most prominent heat-not-burn markets and an examination of the nicotine pouch phenomenon that has caught the world by storm.

TR June 2020

In its June 2020 issue, Tobacco Reporter examines the industry’s remarkable efforts to develop a Covid-19 vaccine.

While using a plant widely associated with respiratory diseases to help tackle the coronavirus pandemic may strike some as odd, there are sound scientific reasons for pursuing this route.

Clive Bates investigates reports that nicotine may protect against Covid-19. As it turns out, there may be more to the findings than tobacco’s detractors would like the public to believe.

Also in this issue: A look at how the coronavirus has impacted tobacco farmers and a review of alternatives for smokers following the EU ban on menthol cigarettes.

TR May 2020

Tobacco Reporter’s May 2020 issue further explores the ongoing disruption to the nicotine business brought about by the coronavirus crisis.

Will the industry live up to its reputation as a haven in times of crisis or will it be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the pandemic?

Also in this issue: The new deadline for submitting premarket tobacco product applications, British American Tobacco’s preparations for a radically different future and a look at e-cigarettes in India after that country banned vapor products.

TR April 2020

The coronavirus has caused the greatest economic disruption of a generation.

In its April 2020 issue, Tobacco Reporter examines the impact to the tobacco and vapor industries, and speculates on what business as usual might look like after the pandemic passes.

Also in this issue: the challenge of recycling vapor product waste and suggestions to minimize the environmental impact of tobacco packaging.

TR March 2020

In Tobacco Reporter’s March 2020, Clive Bates of The Counterfactual evaluates the impact of Brexit on the tobacco and vapor industries. 

ITG Brands’ Gerald Long explains why HPHC testing is an unsuitable comparative measure for premium cigars, and Coresta’s new secretary-general, Stephane Colard, reveals his vision for the organization. 

TR February 2020

Following the considerable excitement in the wake of legalization and countless investments, some are now wondering whether the cannabis market has fallen victim to irrational exuberance.

In Tobacco Reporter’s February 2020 issue, a leading analyst suggests that the narrative remains intact and suggests investors take a long view.

Also in this issue: JTI’s efforts to reposition itself for a changing business, Malaysia’s struggle with illicit trade and the market for primary equipment.

TR January 2020

In Tobacco Reporter’s January 2020 issue, Clive Bates examines the debates surrounding the U.S. outbreak of vaping-related illness and increase in youth vaping, in which facts have often been drowned out by falsehoods.

Stefanie Rossel contrasts the EU relative tolerance to vaping to its harsh treatment of snus while George Gay reports on Imperial Brands’ ambition to offer smokers “something better” than cigarettes.

TR December 2019

Tobacco Reporter’s December 2019 issue reflects on health authorities’ response to the recent U.S. vaping scare.

By hesitating to acknowledge that the deaths and hospitalizations were to blame on black market products, they have inadvertently set back the potential of vapor products to help reduce the harm to health associated with tobacco consumption.

We also examine the market for synthetic nicotine and place into context the FDA’s approval of Swedish Match’s modified-risk tobacco product application for General snus.

TR November 2019

Tobacco Reporter’s November 2019 issue looks back at the recent Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum (GTNF) in Washington, D.C., which was arguably the most inspiring GTNF to date.

Featuring an unrivaled lineup of speakers, participants discussed the challenges facing the nicotine business and the opportunities that continue to exist.

We also examine the plight of the nicotine flavoring business considering the current controversy around youth consumption and the associated mounting restrictions. 

TR October 2019

Tobacco Reporter’s October 2019 issue focuses on the recent vape scare in the United States.

How will the measures contemplated against the industry in the wake of vaping-related deaths and hospitalizations impact the fledgling vapor business, even as most incidents appears to be linked to the consumption of illicit substances?

On a more upbeat note, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the illustrious TABEXPO trade fair and congress, which debuted in Vienna in 1994 and reconvenes in Amsterdam Nov. 12–14.

TR September 2019

In Tobacco Reporter’s September 2019 issue, Clive Bates refutes the often-heard argument that vaping should be restricted because there are no long-term risk assessments available.

Bates argues that stifling the development of potentially lower risk products presents a greater risk to public health than tolerating new technologies even with incomplete knowledge.

Stefanie Rossel examines China’s vapor industry regulatory initiatives, and we profile two service providers specialized in helping the industry comply with pharmaceutical-style requirements.

TR August 2019

In Tobacco Reporter’s August 2019 issue, we look at the experience with harm reduction in areas such as narcotics and HIV.

How are the lessons learned there applicable to tobacco?

We examine the latest innovations in roll-your-own and make-your-own and report on the anniversary celebrations from two prominent tobacco-related organizations: the smokers’ rights group Forest and the Worshipful Company of Tobacco Pipe Makers and Tobacco Blenders.

TR July 2019

Tobacco Reporter’s July 2019 issue examines the work of free-market think tanks, some of which have been criticized for accepting tobacco industry funding. To what extent does funding influence the research done and positions taken by these institutions?

Stefanie Rossel looks at the South Korean market where government policies have prevented next-generation products from living up to their full potential as tobacco harm reduction tools.

Also in this issue is a report on the U.S. smokeless market, which has been in thrall of new nicotine pouch products.

TR June 2019

In Tobacco Reporter’s June 2019 issue, Clive Bates reveals the best alternative nicotine product to cigarettes.

Stefanie Rossel delves into a remarkable new business venture by Philip Morris International—the life insurance business.

George Gay reports from the U.K. Vaping Industry Association’s recent discussion forum and Timothy S. Donahue shares his impression from his recent visit to Shenzhen, China, where vapor hardware manufacturers are working feverishly to ensure their products meet the highest safety standards.

TR May 2019

Tobacco Reporter’s May 2019 issue looks at how tobacco companies and other U.K. businesses are preparing for life after Brexit.

We take stock of the damage done by Tropical Cyclone Idai in southern Africa—one of the world’s leading tobacco-growing regions—and highlight the industry’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its products.

TR April 2019

In Tobacco Reporter’s April 2019 issue, Patrick Basham examines the legacy of U.S. Food & Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

Initially hailed as a pragmatist, Gottlieb cracked down on the vapor industry following an uptick in youth consumption.

We also look at various ways in which tobacco and vapor companies are working to minimize the environmental impact of their products. Timothy S. Donahue reports from the Habanos Festival in Cuba.