GLA Rules



Tobacco Reporter will accept nominations until July 22, 2022.


Nominations are open to companies and institutions affiliated with the tobacco and vapor industries. You can nominate companies and/or people, including your own company and yourself. 

Winner Selection

The Golden Leaf Awards are judged by an independent panel of industry experts. Winners will be announced in September.


Winners will receive an engraved crystal trophy

Award Ceremony

The award ceremony will take place on Sept. 28 during GTNF 2022 in Washington, D.C.


Winners will be recognized in five categories:

1. Most impressive public service initiative

Awarded to a company or institution that introduced a public service program or educational campaign. Judges will base their decision on creativity, effectiveness to date and best use of resources. Please include goals, budgets, copies of promotional materials, geographical scope of the program and why you felt this campaign was necessary.

2. Most promising new product introduction

Awarded to a company or institution that debuted a new product. Judges will base their decision on design innovation, response to a need, and projected impact on future production efficiency, or improved presentation of a final product. Please include a comparison of your products to existing products, copies of promotional or mechanical
materials, development timeline, budget and testimonials from any users if possible.

3. Most exciting newcomer to the industry

Awarded to a company or institution that entered the tobacco industry. Judges will base their decision on the industry’s need for the company’s products or services, investment in setup and creativity. Please include your annual report, motivation for entering the tobacco industry, projected response and testimonials.

4. Most outstanding service to the industry

Awarded to a company or institution that practiced exemplary customer service. Judges will base their decision on perceived increase in customer satisfaction, thinking “outside the box” in program setup and the example it sets for the industry. Please include program outline, anticipated results, testimonials and in-house feedback.

5. BMJ Most committed to quality

Awarded to a company or institution that exhibits a superior commitment to quality in every aspect of its business. Judges will base their decision on expressed commitment to quality, established incentives for quality improvement and measure of improvement to quality. Please include documentation supporting quality efforts, incentives, measures of improvement and testimonials.

Entry Requirements

Please complete the online form and upload any supporting documentation, such as presentations, brochures, certificates, pictures, etc.


For queries, please send an email to