• June 12, 2024

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‘Tobacco Too Cheap’

Health groups warn that Bangladesh’s tax proposals for the upcoming year will encourage youth use.

Leaf Sales Down

An El Nino-induced drought depressed the volumes cultivated in Zimbabwe this year.


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Heated Breakthrough

Greentank is at the forefront of innovation with the launch of its patented Heating Chip technology.

Revenant Rule

Canada’s new health minister is breathing new life into a 2021 proposal to ban vape flavors nationwide.

Controlled Kick

TJP Labs’ novel nicotine particulate significantly speeds up nicotine delivery.

Losing Steam

Heated-tobacco products continue to eat into the sales of combustible cigarettes in Japan, albeit at a slower pace than before.

Passing the Torch

Danielle Roxborough takes the helm from Henry Tuck as SPI Developments enjoys a period of steady growth.

Pulling its Punches

China, the world’s largest supplier of e-cigarettes, has failed to take full advantage of the risk reduction opportunities offered by vapes.

Thoughtful Reflection

Speakers and panelists discussed the nicotine value chain during the InFocus virtual conference.

The Forgotten Frontier

Pieter Vorster and Sudhanshu Patwardhan discuss whether tobacco harm reduction is reaching the Global South.

Not Lost Yet

While struggling with mounting cost and regulations, Polish tobacco companies cheer the retreat of the illicit market.

Tobacco Reporter June 2024

Tobacco Reporter’s June 2024 issue highlights a breakthrough with the potential to significantly enhance vaping safety, performance and experience. Whereas most developments over the past years have focused on finetuning the substrates and print materials in ceramic-based systems, Greentank insists its heating chip technology is ‘unlike anything witnessed in the industry before.’

Clive Bates explains why those committed to minimizing the risks of nicotine consumption should celebrate realists and beware of idealists, while Cheryl Olson examines tobacco harm reduction in the Middle East—a region with traditionally high rates of smoking.

Pieter Vorster and Sudhanshu Patwardhan debate whether tobacco harm reduction is reaching The Global South, and Stefanie Rossel reports on a novel nicotine particulate from TJP Labs.

Also in this issue: dispatches from China, Poland and Japan, along with a profile of SPI Developments, where Henri Tuck recently handed the reigns to Danielle Roxborough.

Also in TR

A Case for Consensus

A global alignment on health policy is necessary to make a smokeless world a reality, writes James Murphy.

Unforeseen Costs

The recently announced Florida e-cigarette registry will harm nonvapers, writes WVA Fellow Peter Clark.

Food for Thought

Opponents of the U.K. generational tobacco ban gather at London’s Boisdale to voice their discontent.

The Takeaways

Tobacco harm reduction advocate Derek Yach reflects on the lessons from the recent Ecig Summit in Washington, DC.

Mastering the Maze

Toxicological considerations to be considered when bringing HTPs to market, according to Broughton.

The Great Scramble

Buyers have been paying record prices to secure their shares of Brazil’s smaller-than-expected tobacco crop.

A Perfect Storm

How India came to deny consumers legal access to safer ways of consuming nicotine.

Smart and Smooth

Stefan Hahn, managing director of Koehl, discusses the latest trends in cigarette manufacturing.

Feeling the Squeeze

A crackdown on vapes has pushed some Chinese companies out of business and encouraged others to prioritize international sales.