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Looking for change

Given what we know about the health effects of smoking tobacco, steps must be taken to discourage the uptake of cigarettes in countries were smoking is currently relatively low. Read More

Accusations out of Africa

Accusations of modern-day colonialism cannot be brushed off. The tobacco industry needs to examine closely what it is doing in Africa, from its leaf purchases to its product sales.Read More

PMI spreading the word

With its smoke-free challenge in the Middle East and Africa, Philip Morris International is trying to make a positive contribution to reducing the harm caused by smoking. Read More

Ghana decries singles sales

Bans on the sale of single cigarettes, while often well-intentioned, can make life difficult for committed smokers who find themselves temporarily short of cash.Read More

Tobacco’s ‘dirty war’

The Guardian newspaper is scheduled to run a series of stories under the heading, Tobacco: a deadly business. The first, concentrating on Africa, appeared yesterday.Read More

China: HongyunHonghe launches cigarette-processing unit in Africa

HongyunHonghe Tobacco Group, in southwest China’s Yunnan Province, recently launched its cigarette-processing unit for Africa at the Walvis Bay port in Namibia. The project is intended to produce HongyunHonghe’s Yunyan, Honghe, Honghe and Honghe brands for sale in Africa. The annual production capacity of the unit could reach 1 billion cigarettes.Read More