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Problem cannot be patched

Tobacco-smoking relapse rates for released prisoners would suggest that providing snus rather than nicotine patches and lozenges would be a better approach in smoke-free prisons.Read More

Call for end to vaping ban

A new report recommends that Australia ends its de facto ban on vaping – a ban that seems to be made almost unworkable by the regulatory variations introduced by state governments.Read More


Quitting smoking by switching to vaping is seen by some to contain a 'catch', but it is a catch only in the minds of those who do not understand the concept of harm reduction. Read More

Nicotine poses little risk

Used properly in vaping devices, nicotine can be a powerful harm-reduction tool. And even when it is accidentally ingested, it generally causes only mild, short-lived discomfort.Read More

Tobacco business attacked

A campaign to break the links between the finance and ethically-questionable industries would have merit, but it is not clear why the tobacco industry should be singled out.Read More

Bungling at best

It is difficult to understand why some people are so opposed to smokers choosing to use vaping to quit smoking that they would be careless with the truth about vaping.Read More