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Dust-up in Bangladesh

Villagers in Bangladesh say that they don't know why what they describe as 'illegal tobacco dust factories' have not been closed down by the appropriate authorities.Read More

Tobacco shortfall

A new report by cancer societies and researchers has found that the economic benefit of tobacco to Bangladesh is outweighed by its costs.Read More

Consumption down

Tobacco consumption has fallen in Bangladesh, but the country needs to increase the rate of decline to meet its smoke-free goals.Read More

Tobacco a hospital crop

Some might say that growing tobacco at a hospital raises no additional problems to those caused by growing it elsewhere. A cynic might say it was a way of increasing business.Read More

JT acquires Akij Group

Japan Tobacco has completed the acquisition of a tobacco business that 'is profitable, has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a strong distribution network and workforce'.Read More