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    Majority report

    The Czech Republic has a non-smoking population of 75 percent and a population in support of smoking bans of 71 percent. No connection there then.Read More

    Czechs rethink ban

    Less than a year after the Czech Republic introduced a ban on tobacco smoking in enclosed public places, a number of politicians have indicated that they would prefer smoking restrictions. Read More

    Czech smokers on the rise

    An increasing number of people are smoking cigarettes daily in the Czech Republic, in part because they are being presented with a distorted picture of less-risky alternatives.Read More

    HNB status unclear

    In the Czech Republic, as in many other countries, regulatory authorities are having to get to grips with another nicotine device – heat-not-burn products.Read More

    Czech Republic approves ban on smoking in restaurants, bars

    The Czech government has approved a draft bill that will ban smoking in bars and restaurants. Previous governments have attempted to enact the same restrictions but ran into opposition, leaving the Czech Republic as the last EU member to allow unrestricted smoking in restaurants. One quarter of Czechs smoke, according to Eurobarometer. “With this law,...Read More