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Advertising battle

There is a battle going on within Germany over whether it should or should not remain the only country in the EU to allow outdoor tobacco advertising. Read More

Call for advertising ban

A consumer group could possibly recruit the tobacco industry to its cause if it made a distinction between advertisements for smoking products and those for alternative, less-risky products.Read More

Spreading the word

Although it is essential to get across the positive messages about vaping; it is necessary too to counter the negative messages where they are found to be misleading and, even, baseless.Read More

Limit on warning obligation

Because EU directives and German law refer only to cigarette health warnings on packs, there is no obligation on retailers to ensure those warnings can be seen when they are on their shelves.Read More

Self-censorship suggested

The depiction of smoking in films is deplored because it is said to lead people to smoke. So why is there no outcry about the depiction of increasing levels of extreme violence?Read More