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Taxing balancing act

Indonesia's Finance Minister has spoken honestly to young people about the dilemma that tobacco raises in a country where it is economically important but destructive health-wise.Read More

Swings and roundabouts

In Indonesia, which has a huge domestic tobacco industry that is a vital source of employment, the Government must walk a fine line between tobacco’s benefits and costs.Read More

Healthy tobacco taxes

Tobacco excise taxes are to fund healthcare insurance for the residents of Kediri City, Indonesia, where Gudang Garam has factories.Read More

Sales down in Indonesia

A year-on-year fall in sales during the first six months of 2018 is said to have indicated that the number of smokers in Indonesia has 'tumbled'.Read More

Looking on the bright side

E-liquid users and producers in Indonesia are looking on the bright side of a new excise tax, which, in effect, recognizes the legitimacy of the industry.Read More

Spending questioned

The Indonesian Government has been accused of wasting money on a World Trade Organization dispute over standardized packaging that it was unlikely to win.Read More