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    Buyers in Malawi told to ‘stop growing tobacco’

    AHL Group of Companies, Malawi’s sole tobacco and other commodities dealing company, has asked the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security to consider reversing its decision to allow tobacco multinationals to grow tobacco, according to Malawi24. AHL Group says the policy is hurting ordinary tobacco farmers. AHL Group’s general manager, Moses Yakobe, has urged the...Read More

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    Egypt to construct tobacco-processing factories 

    The Egyptian government plans to construct two tobacco-processing factories in Malawi to support the country’s tobacco industry, according to the Malawi News Agency. The Egyptian Ambassador to Malawi, Maher El-Adawy, said the construction of these factories will help spur economic growth because the crop is regarded as the country’s main forex earner. “We have always...Read More

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    Malawi commits to tackling child labor

    During a recent conference in Lilongwe, Malawi’s government and other stakeholders endorsed a plan to eliminate child labor in agriculture. Malawi’s child labor incidence is among the highest in southern Africa. Held Sept. 4-6, the Malawi National Conference on Child Labor in Agriculture was the first of its kind in Malawi. The event was convened...Read More