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Make them pay

If there is one thing that the tobacco industry, tobacco control and governments can agree on, it is that smokers should be punished with having to pay exorbitant levels of tax.Read More

Funding needs to be tested

Unless tobacco-related research funding is oversubscribed, researchers should take advantage of whatever funding is on offer and reject and expose it only if it proves to be tainted.Read More

Standard debate

Malaysia at least seems prepared to have a debate about the imposition of standardized tobacco packaging, but will that debate include committed smokers?Read More

No cigarette ban

The story below illustrates some interesting aspects of the status of cigarettes and smoking within society. Ideally, it seems, people should buy cigarettes but not smoke them.Read More

Jail is no answer

Something is out of proportion when a woman is sent to jail because she couldn't or wouldn't pay a fine for smoking where she should not have done.Read More

Missions unspeakable

A lack of transparency often renders murky the water in which governments seem to swim with organizations both in favor of and opposed to various activities.Read More

Legal since it’s not illegal

It seems difficult to get those in authority to say that vaping e-liquids without nicotine is legal in no-smoking zones, though they will say that such activity is not banned.Read More

Smoking ban challenged

Is Malaysia's tobacco smoking ban in eateries irrational? Perhaps, if customers are still left exposed to the smoke and fumes from heating fuels and cooking oils. Read More

Nicotine ban

Given that tomatoes and potatoes contain nicotine, they presumably can no longer be offered at Malaysian eateries. Read More