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Tobacco firms in the clear

Complainants bringing a case against tobacco firms have been told they are at the wrong address. They should be seeking changes to the laws governing tobacco products and their sale. Read More

It's been a long time coming

Canada looks poised to lead the way on vaping by providing the public with straightforward statements about what is currently known of the risks and benefits of vaping.Read More

ITMGroup now 12 companies

Thomas Automation Management, now part of the ITMGroup, is expected to work with the group on new projects relating to combustible tobacco products and next generation products.Read More

A holey argument

Methods for measuring cigarette deliveries are imposed on tobacco manufacturers, and then used as sticks with which to beat them.Read More

ITM an industry powerhouse

In the land of windmills, power can be generated easily using existing technologies, some of which are extremely old. Storing that power for future use is another matter.Read More

Only one 'option'

In devising regulations to govern heat-not-burn products, the Netherlands' junior health minister seems to coming down on the side of a quit-or-die approach to smoking.Read More

Quitting record

In the Netherlands, the biggest proportion of occasional smokers comprises young adults aged 20 to 24, 32.6 percent of whom say they smoke, but not every day.Read More