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La la la

No doubt the New Zealand Health Ministry's apparent preference for ignoring tobacco-harm-reduction developments is related to its 'obligations' to the WHO.Read More

Driving change

Vaping and tobacco smoking are to be banned in vehicles with people under 18 under a proposed amendment to New Zealand's Smoke-free Environments Act.Read More

Funding questioned

Given that their interests overlap, it is not unreasonable that a taxpayers' organization should have connections with tobacco companies, provided those links are transparent. Read More

Retail restrictions sought

Restricting the number of cigarette retailers could make it easier for those wanting to quit. But what about smokers who don't want to quit, especially those with mobility issues?Read More

Vaping saves money

Smokers in New Zealand who have resolved from January 1 to improve their health and finances can do so by making one change – by switching to vaping.Read More

New Year celebrations

Non-smokers in New Zealand welcomed the New Year in the knowledge that smokers would be paying even more tax and thereby funding public services that non-smokers could enjoy. Read More

Quitting off target

New Zealand is currently behind in its quest to reduce its tobacco-smoking incidence to five percent by 2025, and it isn't going to get there walking. Read More

Quitting by default

Restricting the number of tobacco retailers would mean that smokers could quit 'more easily', according to researchers in New Zealand; but would this be 'encouragement' or coercion?Read More