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Gateway leads nowhere

The question that some health-control people need to consider is why, even if a non-smoker decided to try vaping, would she then move on to smoking, a much harsher experience.Read More

Growers say prices too low

It is often the case that tobacco growers are told that, to ensure fair prices, they should not step out of line, even though they are stepping out of line because prices aren't fair.Read More

Life is taxing

It seems an obvious point, but death cannot be prevented as some seem to believe. It could be argued, however, that it can and should be postponed – if that is thought to be a good idea.Read More

Preparing IQOS launch

The positive side of having to wait for regulations governing alternative tobacco products is that it implies the authorities are not simply cutting and pasting combustible-product regulations.Read More

Plea for farmers

In a country such as the Philippines, which has traditionally grown a lot of tobacco, price hikes on tobacco products are a two-edged sword.Read More

Tax hike sought

It is not made clear why smokers alone should be made to top up the Philippines' Universal Health Care program with funds from a massive cigarette tax increase.Read More