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    Beijing smoking ban will boost vapor, says e-cig inventor

    Hon Lik, the Chinese inventor of the modern e-cigarette, has predicted that Beijing’s new public-places smoking ban will prompt many consumers to switch from smoking to vaping. Although China’s e-cigarette market is still relatively small compared to those in other countries and smoking rates in China remain high, the ban—which took effect June 1—could be...Read More

    Czech Republic approves ban on smoking in restaurants, bars

    The Czech government has approved a draft bill that will ban smoking in bars and restaurants. Previous governments have attempted to enact the same restrictions but ran into opposition, leaving the Czech Republic as the last EU member to allow unrestricted smoking in restaurants. One quarter of Czechs smoke, according to Eurobarometer. “With this law,...Read More

    Judge: U.K. smoking ban applies in prison too

    A high court judge has ruled that the U.K public-places smoking ban must be enforced in state prisons despite the possibility of unrest this could provoke in jails throughout England and Wales. According to Justice Singh, the justice secretary misunderstood an exemption made in 2006 to health legislation that banned smoking in workplaces and enclosed...Read More

    Turkey to toughen tobacco laws

    The Turkish government wants to toughen the country’s laws on smoking and alcohol consumption, according to a Trend news agency story quoting a Sabah newspaper report. The report said that a new bill would be put before parliament, though it did not indicate when that would happen. Under the bill, smoking, already banned in enclosed...Read More

    NYC attempts to raise smoking age to 21, Chicago may

    New York City put forward a proposal Monday that, if adopted, would make it the first major U.S. city to raise the legal age for buying cigarettes from 18 to 21 — the same age for buying alcohol, according to a story in USA Today. The proposal is part of a decade-long, anti-tobacco campaign by outgoing...Read More