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Banning multi-tasking

It is odd that it should be thought necessary to ban smoking while walking in South Korea. After all, most smokers are men, and men aren't capable of multi-tasking.Read More

Setting boundaries

No-smoking boundaries are too rigid adequately to protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke. They should vary, depending on the wind speed and direction, minute to minute.Read More

Topical warning

If a government finds it necessary to inform people that smoking will discolor their teeth, should it tell them too that drinking alcohol might make them look like Rudolph?Read More

Heated court battle

If smokers are to be put off switching to alternative methods of nicotine consumption by the publication of scientific evidence, that evidence needs to be robust - and contested if necessary.Read More

Smoking incidence down

Given that heated-tobacco products have been around for such a short time, it will be interesting to see what diseases coming health-warnings will ascribe to them.Read More