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Dedicated HNB stores

KT&G has been selling monthly an average of about 85,000 Lil heat-not-burn devices since its launch in November. And now it is opening dedicated Lil stores. Read More

Health benefits limited

If users of non-combusted cigarettes also smoke combustible cigarettes and therefore enjoy only limited health benefits, that is better than smoking full-time and enjoying no benefits.Read More

HNB warnings coming

A requirement for heat-not-burn products to carry graphic health warnings makes sense – but only if such warnings are included on other products, such as firewood, cooking oil, joss-sticks, air... Read More

I Love Smoking

Congratulations to the South Korea smoking community, I Love Smoking, for having the courage to use such a name and to talk about the 'happiness' derived from smoking.Read More

'Clarification' sought

It is a measure of the potential that a statement by a South Korean agency has of misleading smokers and vapers that Philip Morris International has asked for a 'clarification' to be issued.Read More