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    'Clarification' sought

    It is a measure of the potential that a statement by a South Korean agency has of misleading smokers and vapers that Philip Morris International has asked for a 'clarification' to be issued.Read More

    HNB not less risky

    From news reports of research carried out by South Korea's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, the Ministry has drawn from its data a conclusion that appears questionable.Read More

    Estimating backwards

    Estimating the smoking rate among women on the grounds of the incidence of lung cancer among this group seems, without strong supporting evidence, to be risky. Read More

    Local Heets to go on sale

    It seems odd that the government of South Korea should require graphic health warnings for heated-tobacco products at the same time as one locally-made product is due to go on sale.Read More

    Impulsive behavior

    Impulsive behavior must play a part whenever a person buys something new. But any follow-up purchases of that product are down to whether the product worked for the buyer.Read More

    HNB market heats up

    With sales of heat-not-burn products in South Korea predicted to grab 30 percent of the country's tobacco market by 2020, it is little surprise that new products are all the go. Read More

    Opting for quit-or-die

    According to new warnings to be imposed in South Korea this year, there is no difference between heat-not-burn and combustible cigarettes in respect of consumers’ health outcomes.Read More

    Preconceived flavors

    A story from South Korea says that the flavor of a smoker's cigarette of choice is influential in her trying it for the first time. This seems odd since there are no flavour descriptors on packs.Read More

    Bans imposed

    In line with current trends elsewhere, South Korea is planning to take an uncompromising line with tobacco smoking by switching smoking restrictions to smoking bans.Read More