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Taxing smokers

Governments around the world like nothing more than taxing smokers, even though smokers often make up the most financially disadvantaged groups.Read More

June 5 launch for iQOS

As expected, Philip Morris Korea is to launch iQOS in South Korea. It is due to go on sale in Seoul on June 5 before being rolled out to the rest of the country later this year.Read More

Korea awaits iQOS launch

IQOS is to be launched in South Korea later this week according to ‘industry sources’ presumably speculating on the subject of a PMI Korea press conference set for Wednesday. Read More

Tax increases ruled out

A candidate in South Korea’s forthcoming presidential elections has vowed to return cigarette prices to the levels of 2014 – before a huge tax increase on January 1, 2015.Read More

Smoking shifts

If you are a South Korean female shift worker in your 50s, you are 5.55 times more likely to smoke than if you are a female daytime worker.Read More