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Korea awaits iQOS launch

IQOS is to be launched in South Korea later this week according to ‘industry sources’ presumably speculating on the subject of a PMI Korea press conference set for Wednesday. Read More

Tax increases ruled out

A candidate in South Korea’s forthcoming presidential elections has vowed to return cigarette prices to the levels of 2014 – before a huge tax increase on January 1, 2015.Read More

Smoking shifts

If you are a South Korean female shift worker in your 50s, you are 5.55 times more likely to smoke than if you are a female daytime worker.Read More

Flying into trouble

Tobacco smoking is involved in three-quarters of the illegal acts committed aboard aircraft that result in an arrest by airport police in South Korea.Read More

Prosecutors raid KT&G over alleged corruption

Prosecutors announced on Oct. 2 that they have raided the headquarters of KT&G, South Korea’s leading tobacco maker, due to allegations that the company created slush funds in the process of taking over other companies, according to The Korea Herald. The office of Min Young-jin, the former head of KT&G Corp., as well as that...Read More

Anti-smoking research institute to open in South Korea

The South Korean government will open an anti-smoking research institute next month, where the ingredients found in tobacco will be studied and the harmful effects of smoking will be assessed. Data gathered at the institute will likely to be used in the government’s ongoing lawsuit against tobacco companies over compensation for health care costs linked...Read More

South Korea’s tobacco tax revenue expected to soar next year

Tax revenue from cigarette sales in Korea is expected to reach more than 12.68 trillion won ($10.72 billion) next year, nearly double the increase from 2014, according to a report shown Monday by the independent Korea Federation of Taxpayers. The Korea Federation of Taxpayers said in its report that the increase is attributable mainly to...Read More

Price hikes result in KT&G profit surge

KT&G’s first-quarter operating profits and revenue have increased significantly compared to the same period last year, due to price hikes and improvements in its affiliates’ performances, according to a story in the Korea JoongAng Daily. South Korea’s No. 1 cigarette and ginseng company’s operating profit increased by nearly 65 percent year-on-year to krw428.5 billion ($395...Read More