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Aussies to jack up tobacco tax in 2014

The price of a pack of cigarettes will rise by about $0.07 next year in Australia, according to a story in the Herald Sun. The increase will see the government face a potential re-election tussle with tobacco companies and retailers, who are still smarting over plain packaging laws. Cigarettes were the only sin tax targeted by...Read More

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$2.87 per pack tax possible in Calif.

California lawmakers chose not to make smokers pay more for health insurance,  but they may be more willing to make smokers pay more for cigarettes. A new bill proposing to raise the tax on tobacco by $2 per pack of cigarettes  cleared its first two committee votes last week in predictably partisan votes. SB 768,...Read More

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Revenue drop fires VAT rethink

In an unusual move that has attracted some criticism, India’s Uttar Pradesh state government has slashed the VAT on cigarettes and cigars from 50 percent to 25 percent. According to a report in the latest issue of the BBM Bommidala Group newsletter, the decision to reduce VAT was taken at a meeting of the state...Read More

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Smoke signals towards higher prices in Pacific Islands

Expext a hike in the price of cigarettes if local authorities support moves to increase taxation on cigarettes in the Pacific Islands, where a high percentage of deaths are related to diseases caused by non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The proposed increase in tax, which is supported by the World Health Organization, is aimed at discouraging smoking. The...Read More

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Hungary moves from open market to monopoly to zeropoly

Smokers in some Hungarian villages will not have local access to cigarettes after a new law allowing only state-licensed tobacconists to sell cigarettes comes into effect in May, according to an MTI-EcoNews story quoting the opposition Socialist lawmaker, Csaba Toth. As was reported here on April 3, the country’s parliament adopted legislation in September last...Read More

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Belarus braces for tax hike

The Belarusian government will increase tobacco excise tax rates by between 50 percent and 100 percent, starting Jan.1, reports Oreanda-News. The excise tax rate on filtered cigarettes will increase by 55.6 percent to 110 percent, depending on the price group. The excise tax rates on smoking and pipe tobacco, and cigars will increase by 66.7...Read More

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Tax hike hits TTM sales

Cigarette sales of the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly (TTM) have declined significantly as Thai smokers started rolling more of their own cigarettes in the wake of last month’s tax hike, reports The Bangkok Post. The state-owned tobacco manufacturer expects sales will gradually improve and return to normal in the coming months. Managing Director Torsak Chotimongkol said...Read More

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Tax to the max

The challenge of squaring public health with government revenue objectives By George Gay I think that I should declare an interest. It has to be said that I am not an objective observer when it comes to taxation. I tend to the view of the 19th century French economist Frédérick Bastiat, who apparently defined taxation...Read More