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Myblu performing well

Imperial Brands says it has invested heavily in its blu vaping device, in part to build strong retail-share positions in Europe and Japan.Read More

A means to an ENDS

A new company has been formed to support the evolving ENDS industry create a smoke-free future through 'innovations, scientific advancement and regulatory compliance'.Read More

Looking for change

Given what we know about the health effects of smoking tobacco, steps must be taken to discourage the uptake of cigarettes in countries were smoking is currently relatively low. Read More

Focusing minds

The world as we know it is drinking at the last chance saloon. Sustainability needs to concentrate on the survival of the environment, and that will require regulation.Read More


The drawing up of the UK Vaping Industry Association's new code of conduct was crucial to the decision of JUUL Labs UK to join the association.Read More

Hospital vapors

Given that hospitals, no matter how good they are, tend to generate stress, it seems wise for them to take a relaxed attitude to vaping and a tolerant stance on smoking.Read More

Accounting for judgment

British American Tobacco is making provision in case it cannot recover a C$758 million 'asset' currently held in a Canadian court's escrow account.Read More

Pointless gesture

Why raise the age at which people can buy tobacco in the UK? The Government is arranging matters so that, after March 30, nobody will be able to buy tobacco - or anything else.Read More

BAT volume increased

Last year saw a further growth in British American Tobacco's cigarette and tobacco-heating product volume, which once again was buoyed by acquisitions.Read More