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Grower returns squeezed

Zimbabwe’s auction floor charges were recently raised overnight by more than 70 percent. Growers’ tobacco prices have remained largely unchanged for a quarter of a century. Hmm.Read More

Crop down “significantly”

Tobacco manufacturers will no doubt be contributing generously to the aid currently flowing into Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique following the devastation caused by cyclone Idai.Read More

Sales set to start

Sales of Zimbabwe's 2019 flue-cured tobacco crops are due to start next week. Ominously for growers, there seems to have been little talk about prices.Read More

Playing the percentages

The latest reports from Zimbabwe seem to leave up in the air the question of whether tobacco growers are happy with payment arrangements for the 2019 marketing season.Read More

Currency trade winds

Zimbabwe is trying to negotiate the tricky question of how to pay tobacco growers so that the country can earn the maximum net foreign currency from this vital crop.Read More