The GTNF exists thanks to the vision and direction of its founder and president, Elise Rasmussen. In January 2019, Elise became the executive director of the GTNF Trust, which includes the GTNF, Tobacco Reporter, Vapor Voice and Tobacco Farm Quarterly.

From its launch in Rio de Janeiro in 2008 to the present day, the GTNF has become the global exchange for views and ideas among public health experts, government representatives, investors and members of the tobacco/nicotine industries. 

Behind the success of the GTNF is a strong belief that deepening the conversation about tobacco, nicotine and public health can lead to more informed views and decisions by all stakeholders. To that end, we build in plenty of opportunities for informal networking and meetings throughout the event.

The GTNF 2023 took place in Seoul in September 2023.

Previous events took place in Washington DC (2022 and 2019), London (2018); New York (2017); Brussels (2016); Bologna (2015); West Virginia (2014); Cape Town (2013); Antwerp (2012); Bangalore (2010); and Rio de Janeiro.

The GTNF 2021 was an international hybrid event live from the heart of London for in-person delegates and livestreamed to audiences all over the world. GTNF 2020 was an international virtual event spanning five continents in three time zones.