IEVA Launches Vaping Awareness Campaign

Dustin Dahlmann (Photo: IEVA)

The Independent European Vape Alliance (IEVA) has launched a new campaign aimed at educating smokers about the harm reduction potential of vaping compared to smoking combustible cigarettes.

Tobacco consumption is the single largest avoidable health risk and the most significant cause of premature death in the EU, responsible for nearly 700,000 deaths every year, according to the European Commission. Around 50 percent of smokers die prematurely.

Independent studies have shown that the switch to vaping is often an effective way to stop smoking completely, according to the IEVA.

“The developments in New Zealand and the U.K. are examples of progressive and enlightened public health policies. Political and public health leaders should take a close look at these results. Vaping can make a significant contribution to reducing smoking rates,” said Dustin Dahlmann, president of the IEVA, in a statement.

The European awareness campaign will take place over the coming weeks via the social media channels of the international members of the IEVA.