• December 3, 2023

Btomorrow Invests in Kanvas

 Btomorrow Invests in Kanvas
Photo: By Olivier Le Moal

BAT’s corporate venturing unit, Btomorrow Ventures (BTV), has invested an undisclosed amount in the Kanvas Co., a developer of patented electronic vaporizer technology solutions.

The investment will fuel the research, development and growth necessary to commercialize Kanvas’ proprietary Vapetelligence technology platform and further enable scalability of its products, which are designed to promote device safety in electronic vaporizers and regulated marketplaces globally.

“Kanvas is excited to work with BTV as a strategic investor to advance the commercialization of our unique IP portfolio and technology platform, focusing on our patented and temperature-controlled dosing technology and hardware that provides a secure and controlled delivery system for brands,” said Andy Fathollahi, CEO of Kanvas, in a statement.

“Kanvas’ pioneering innovations will be a catalyst for brands to support better, safer consumer experiences through integrating higher quality software and smart-chip technology.”

“BTV is thrilled to support Kanvas. With its innovative product proposition, strong management team and now strategic partnership with BAT, we believe the company is poised for success, and we welcome it to BTV’s portfolio,” said Lukasz Garbowski, BTV investment director.

Kanvas has a diverse portfolio of patents in technology, software and hardware products to offer brands a comprehensive suite of premium solutions for electronic CBD, cannabis and nicotine-delivery systems.