CAPHRA Comments on Proposal to Tighten Vaping Restrictions

    Image: Tobacco Reporter archive

    The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA) has submitted comments on New Zealand’s Proposals for the Smoked Tobacco Regulatory Regime. The proposals include tightening current restrictions on vaping product safety requirements and packaging and reducing nicotine levels in disposable vapes as well as restricting the location of specialist vape retailers.

    “Whilst we have absolutely no issues with restrictions around primary and secondary schools and Kura, we do have issue with adult community locations, such as universities, and other tertiary facilities,” said Nancy Loucas, executive coordinator of the CAPHRA.

    “Specialist vape retailers provide a service that is not available in general retailers. It is a disservice to adults who smoke in Aotearoa, New Zealand, to restrict their access to specialist shops and guidance.”

    “The main issue, however, is that the regulations, as they are, work perfectly well,” said the CAPHRA in reference to the other proposed restrictions. “The issues are public education and enforcement. The regulations, as they are written, are working at getting citizens to make the switch from combustible tobacco to less harmful vaping.”

    The comment period closes on March 15.