STG’s Quarterly Sales Down in ‘Difficult’ Year

    Photo: STG

    Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s (STG) net sales and EBITDA declined 2 percent and 15 percent, respectively, for the second quarter of 2022 against a strong second quarter last year. The company cited lower-than-expected productivity in its supply chain, resulting in lower production volumes and higher costs. While anticipating improvements in the second half of the year, STG expects the delay to impact its full-year net sales and costs negatively.

    According to STG, the level of the production backlog was almost DKK150 million ($20.12 million) by the end of July. “However, as the improvements kick in combined with pricing initiatives across the product categories and easier year-on-year comparisons, we expect to return to EBITDA growth in the second half of the year,” the company wrote in a statement.

    Niels Frederiksen

    “2022 has turned out to be a difficult year for Scandinavian Tobacco Group, and we have had to adjust our full-year expectation for organic EBITDA growth,” said STG CEO Niels Frederiksen. “This development is disappointing and is primarily driven by temporary challenges in our supply chain and to a lesser extent by more cautious consumer behavior especially in the important U.S. handmade cigar market.

    “Still, we maintain our financial expectations of delivering strong cash flows and positive EPS growth for 2022, and we continue to implement our Rolling Toward 2025 strategy. The acquisition of Room101 as well as the continued expansion of our retail footprint in the U.S. are good examples of this. Overall, we remain confident in the strength of our underlying business and our cash flow.”