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Meldrum to Succeed Oberlander at RAI

Currently regional director of BAT’s Asia-Pacific and Middle East region, Meldrum will succeed Oberlander as president of RAI effective Sept. 1, 2020.

Flavor Ban Drives Users Elsewhere

Massachusetts’ ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products has shifted rather than reduced tobacco consumption, according to the Tax Foundation.


In Print this month

For the Long Haul

Despite declining sales and considerable regulatory pressure, smokers are likely to still enjoy cigars 100 years from now.

Measuring Up

How instrumentation suppliers and laboratory service providers are supporting customers with their PMTA submissions

The Safety Net

Fine-cut tobacco will offer hard-up smokers a legal alternative—if tax officials can keep their ambitions in check.

Counting Down

The nicotine industry prepares for a shakeout in the wake of the premarket tobacco product application deadline.

Sourcing Success

Based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belaprom obtains its materials from the EU to deliver high-quality cigarette tubes at an affordable price.

The Endgame Revisited

It is time to confront the fundamental confusion about the public health aims for tobacco and nicotine policy.

Tobacco Reporter August 2020

Tobacco Reporter’s August 2020 issue highlights the industry’s last-minute scramble to submit pre-market tobacco product applications to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ahead of the Sept. 9 deadline.

What will the tobacco landscape look like after the due date? We examine the issue from a product viewpoint and a testing perspective.

The August issue further features the remarkably resilient cigar business, along with the roll-your-own and make-your-own segments, which serve as an important safety nets in times of economic headship.

Also in this issue: A profile of one of the industry’s leading date providers, Management Science Associates.



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Cerulean Shares Insights

Appropriate automation significantly reduces the variability inherent in some processes and can increase laboratory efficiency, according to the instrumentation maker.

KT&G Launches Africa Ice Kula

The Africa Ice Kula is the first of the Africa brands to apply KT&G’s “smell care” technology—an innovation that reduces the smell of cigarettes in the mouth after smoking.

RJRVC Updates Vuse Website

The updated site is designed to enable adult nicotine consumers aged 21 and up to “explore creative passions with engaging content.”

KT&G Launches Miix Combo

New stick allows consumers to experience two flavors at once by changing the taste from traditional tobacco to “a different coolness.”

Also in TR

No Baggage

Unburdened by the legacy of traditional tobacco products, nicotine pouches are starting to catch on in a variety of markets.

Unidentical Twins

South Korea and Japan, the world’s leading heat-not-burn markets, have different views on the technology’s potential for tobacco harm reduction.

Two-Stage Tobacco

By separating their product into two components, ASUK and ASI can offer U.K. consumers shisha at a considerably lower price.

Up and Coming

KT&G prepares to join the world’s premier league of tobacco companies.

Silent Auction

Rules on social distancing make for a very different tobacco marketing season in Zimbabwe this year.

Knowing The Ropes

Harnessing decades of experience in process instrumentation, Ian Benson sets out on his own.

Minting Substitutes

Cigarette manufacturers are offering alternatives to smokers left in the cold by the EU menthol ban.

Feeling Their Pain

The International Tobacco Growers Association is campaigning to help noncontracted farmers cope with the coronavirus pandemic.